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In 2004, They Might Be Giants undertook a writing challenge: to write a song for every venue they played during their tour. Fast forward a few years, and my friend Miles runs merchandise for The Residents, and in Atlanta he plays TMBG's song for that venue, the Variety Playhouse.

TMBG did not make songs for any other place The Residents played on their 2013 tour, and I thought it was a shame. Poor Miles, living a life largely devoid of venue songs. Well, no more I said! I decided to write and record songs for each venue that was not already covered by TMBG. They originally appeared here as the doors opened before each show.

In 2016 I repeated this exercise for their Shadowland tour, this time making songs for every venue, even the repeats. Same great taste, slightly different flavour.

Venue Songs 2016

Another tour, another set of venue songs. Bonus fun in that my recording studio computer died just before I started, resulting in me upgrading to a new version of Cakewalk (I had been sporting one from 1995) so I got to additionally deal with learning new software. Wheeee!

  1. Regent Theater
  2. Regency Ballroom
  3. Aladdin Theater
  4. Neptune Theatre
  5. Rio Theatre
  6. The Cedar
  7. Thalia Hall
  8. Crofoot Ballroom
  9. Adelaide Hall
  10. La Tulipe
  11. College Street Music Hall
  12. Royale
  13. Gramercy Theatre
  14. 9:30 Club
  15. Cat's Cradle
  16. Variety Playhouse
  17. Texas Theatre
  18. Marchesa Hall
  19. Crescent Ballroom
  20. Belly Up Tavern
Venue Songs album cover

Venue Songs

More Liner Notes

  1. Crescent Ballroom
  2. Scottish Rite Theater
  3. Kessler Theater
  4. Kessler Theater
  5. Fitzgerald Upstairs
  6. Carrboro Arts Center
  7. Stage 48
  8. Sixth & I Synagogue
  9. World Cafe Live
  10. ICA
  11. Iron Horse Music Hall
  12. Schubas Tavern
  13. Lincoln Hall
  14. Turner Hall
  15. The Cedar
  16. Hawthorne Theatre
  17. Neptune Theatre
  18. Bimbo's
  19. El Rey Theatre
  20. Belly Up
  22. Rio Theatre
  23. The South Dakota Situation
Venue Songs album cover

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