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About Standpipe

Standpipe is the name under which I complete Album-A-Day projects. There is no special meaning behind the name. When I moved into the New York area I became enamoured with standpipes. Not really sure why. But I knew that I needed to start a band called Standpipe and release albums with names like Sprinklers Throughout Building and Siamese Connector.

But I was told about Album-A-Day, and in that found a chance to use the band name. And the rest is history.

Love Of A Salesman

Love Of A Salesman is a work detailing the trials and tribulations of a used car salesman who falls in love. It was written and recorded on 19 April 2006. I had decided only a day before to do an album.

I wrote all of the music in order, then did most of the lyrics in order (track 9 came before 7 and 8). In the end, I think it's a pretty interesting work.

  1. Salesman's March
  2. Service Contract
  3. Fixer Upper
  4. New And Improved
  5. Something Different, Something Else
  6. Taking A Break
  7. Fall For You
  8. Salesman's Lament
  9. Angel In The Sky
Love Of A Salesman album cover

I didn't have an idea for the concept when I started, so I just recorded music. After 7 hours or so, I decided that I should do an album that is the backstory to a plot in a science fiction story I am working on. After 11 hours, I came up with the salesman idea, and moved forward from there. I can't tell you how easy it is to paint yourself into a corner when you decide the songs are all being told from a car salesman's point of view.

Dark In The Park

More Liner Notes

I wrote and recorded this piece between Saturday, 16 August at 10pm and Sunday, 17 August at 9:30pm. And I actually slept for six hours, so it's almost more impressive.

As this was a bit of a rush job, I've often thought about taking the time to re-record these songs, but that idea usually lasts about twenty minutes when I figure that the album is a moment in time that I should never tamper with.

  1. Lights out
  2. Confusion
  3. First Wave
  4. Left Behind
  5. Making Our Way
  6. Watching Shadows
  7. New Dark City
  8. Lincoln Tunnel
  9. Light At The End
Dark In The Park album cover

Thanks go out to Mike Lebovitz for telling me about the challenge, Duncan Pflaster for suggesting the album title, and the blackout on 14 August 2003 for inspiring the content of the album.

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