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MP3 Of The Undefined Time Period
The Residents' Commercial Album
In July 2005 I was doing another one of those songwriting challenge things. This one came about because I was normalizing audio on my copy of the Ralph Records 10th Anniversary Special, and while I was playing it back to check levels I was strumming my guitar, and this happened.

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Halloween Ukulele Cabaret Sat, 08 Oct 2016

I'll be playing in this show. I'm pretty excite about the silly thing I've come up with. If you're one of those people who only sees a ukulele show once every ten years (you know who you are), you probably want to see this one.

Facebook event info

Friday, October 28 at 8 PM - 11 PM
Jimmy'S 43 East 7th St, New York, New York 10003

Don't be scared. We wont hurt you.

Andru Cann
Uke Goldberg
Kurt Hoffman
Dana McCoy
Dyan Forest
Gemma Gracewood
Katie Down

Lloyd United
Angus Loten and Jon Bianchi
Westchester Country Club
Chris Combs
War Ponies
Jamie Scandal

With your hosts Sonic Uke!

Venue Songs - 2016 Edition Sat, 09 Apr 2016

Today The Residents start their North American tour of their Shadowland show. As I did with their last major American tour, I am writing and recording songs for every venue because I don't want Miles to get bored with his existing music collection.

Extra bonus fun this time around: I only started this week, whereas last time I started nearly a month in advance so it was pretty smooth sailing throughout. Also, my recording studio computer died this past weekend and I have a new setup, so I'm actually using this project to learn the new software. That can only yield interesting results, right?

So here's hoping I can keep up the pace. I've completed four songs already, but I'm leaving for San Francisco now which means I'll lose a few days of productivity. Ooooh I love a challenge!

David Bowie (1947-2016) Mon, 11 Jan 2016

I remember a "personal message from David" that was posted on his official website many years ago. In it he said that the best thing about being David Bowie is having David Bowie fans. That's a typically cheesy manipulative marketing kind of thing to post to a website, but the moment I read it I knew it was true in this case and that he was acknowledging a connection. Not with me personally, of course, but with what I represented: someone who appreciates and is inspired by his work.

His greatest accomplishment was his creation of various identities. (I wanted to use the plural of "persona" but found that there is a minute difference in meaning between "personae" and "personas" and, as it turns out, Bowie straddles both; the first applies straightforwardly to fictional characters in literary works, the latter to the social facades or roles we play in daily life.) Bowie often allowed his stage character to bleed into real life (or perhaps allowed his real self to be amplified on stage), and that ambiguity changed him from a human into an art concept. He achieved mythical status while he was still alive, and the myth will only continue to grow in time.

His music may fall out of style in the future, but the man himself never will. Mozart hasn't topped the charts in I don't know how long, but he's never going to leave the public consciousness. Bowie is just as important. Years, decades, centuries from now - he will continue to be an influential force in the space where art and music intersects. There will never be a resurgence or rediscovery, because he will never fade away.

David Jones has passed, but the concept he created lives on. It will live on in everybody who is inspired by his work, everyone who experiences it. It's said that you die twice: the first time is physical and the second is when nobody remembers you. It will take the heat death of the universe to end David Bowie, and even then I'm not too sure.

I am not sad that David Bowie has died. I am overjoyed that he lived.